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5 key starting tips for new Baristas

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Starting out as a barista can be an exciting experience, but many of our candidates tell us that it can be absolutely terrifying as well. But it doesn’t have to be that way! To avoid frothing at the mouth here are our top seven tips for starting out as a barista to get you on your way to perfecting your skills and loving your new role.

1. Take it easy and pace yourself.

Many of our candidates agree that when starting out as barista, the training and fast-paced atmosphere can be overwhelming. This is particularly true during the mornings, when large crowds of customers are swarming to the tills. What can be more daunting is watching your fellow baristas produce coffee as fast you can blink. Remember: it’s your first day, so take a deep breath and pace yourself. You will naturally get into the flow of things as the day goes on.

2. Communication and teamwork are key.

Working together and in sync is key to getting the job done correctly and quickly. We know it can be scary meeting new co-workers and more so if this is your first barista role. Always remember that even the most experienced baristas started out just like you. Use your voice loud and clear to let your

team know if you need help with an order.

Also, be clear about what you’re making to ensure orders don’t get muddled up.

3. Be prepared for customers.

Not all customers are going to be friendly and understanding. Don’t take it to heart if a customer is grumpy or rude, and remember it’s not always you. Don’t let one bad experience ruin the rest of the day; you will find the job more enjoyable this way. Whatever you do, don’t talk back to customer as this will only make things worse - just smile and make the drink.

4. Don’t stress over big orders.

There will be times when a customer will order a lot of drinks as they often arrive with a list of orders from other people. Most likely these drinks will be an array of different hot drinks, with specific milks and other modifications. Take your time with the order and try to get someone to help. Above all, mark the beverage holders clearly with what each drink is and don’t rush the order.

5. Don’t be put off by your mistakes; reflect on them

You will most likely at some point make a mistake, and that’s perfectly natural. Even the most experienced baristas make mistakes every now and then. What’s more important is learning from the experience and making sure that you don’t doubt yourself or your ability.

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