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How temporary work can improve your career

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

It’s the start of the summer; you’ve just passed the academic year of college or university and are now ready for that long awaited break. However, there are two key issues that plague all students; money and short-term work. It can be difficult getting a short-term or part-time job as companies may not be interested in employing an individual for such a short-time. Additionally those who do gain work may find the hours demanding and by the end of it have no time to enjoy themselves.

So the issues present can be summed up to less demand for short term and flexibility. What is the answer then? Temporary work?

Temporary work provides you with flexibility and a better control over your work life. While not having a fixed job can be unconventional, once you enter the world of temporary work you will never look back. The types of work can be fast paced and socially engaging, you will meet loads new people and make good friends.

For students who lack work experience or practical experience, temporary can be a great way to develop fundamental work skills. Team work, communication, multitasking and adapting to different work environments are just a few of the essential skills temporary jobs can provide for you.

What makes working with Admiral great is that your temporary experience will be enhanced, as you will be working with some of the biggest names in hospitality.

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